Training Week Recap – 4/14 – 4/20 & Happy Easter!


Finally back with the weekly Training Recaps. I am so happy to be able to finally have enough of a break to be able to get back to more blogging. This week was the first full week after a long week of travel and hectic work which felt really good to get in more runs. […]

Paper Birch Designs – It Finally Happened!


It Finally Happened!! Paper Birch Designs We launched our new business that has taken up a large chunk of time recently and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Which is a good thing. I have never seen myself as a business owner but my wonderful Husband helped start this idea and has given me […]

Monday Motivator – Laura Bennett {Finding Her Strong}

Fueling up post race

Monday’s here are for featuring an individual who has overcome some sort of Limit in their running or fitness endeavor. No one limit is too small or too large. Each individual exudes a strength and drive that makes them one with Less Limits in their everyday lives. Laura Bennett is a 24 year old political director and an aspiring runner (and […]

Easy Spring Health Boosts – Guest Post from Emma Banks at {Smile As It Happens}

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As some of you are aware I have been extremely busy with work and some other new endeavors so blogging has sort of taken a back seat for a while. I am not happy about that at all but I have had to choose what takes priority and unfortunately this has been the choice I […]

5 For Friday

friday 5

Fridays here are reserved for sharing 5 posts or articles that are running & fitness related, health related, recipes or even parental/family related. I love to read and research so this gives me a really good way to compile some of the things I’ve read and share with you all which ones that made an impact […]

Running and Life …


We all have crazy days but those are the ones that give you grit and substance in life. Each day will present you with different obstacles whether that’s getting up early to run because you know if you don’t it will never get done or trying to get everyone ready for the day. But no […]

Guest Post on Girls Gone Sporty – How different running surfaces affect your performance

Source: Girls Gone Sporty

I was so excited to have an article I submitted to Girls Gone Sporty be up on their blog last week! After dealing with some little annoying injuries recently I found that there was a direct correlation to where I was running and how that affected my performance and my body. I thought this was […]