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Fridays here are reserved for sharing 5 posts or articles that are running & fitness related, health related, recipes or even parental/family related. I love to read and research so this gives me a really good way to compile some of the things I’ve read and share with you all which ones that made an impact on me. I like the idea of being able to include a variety of types of media. This is also a great way to help promote and introduce everyone to other bloggers out there.

friday 5

Making Workouts Purposeful from Lindsay: Cotter Crunch

Source: Cotter Crunch

Source: Cotter Crunch

It’s really easy to just go through the motions but making your workouts count is what yields results.

Is Sugar the Death of Your Health? from Ignite Naturals
This article was very fitting for me this week. I have a severe sugar addiction and am working on getting that under control. I need to cut out the bad sugars and keep the good ones. It is a hard transition for me!

Tips for Running a Marathon from Megan: Running Toward the Prize

Source: Running Toward the Prize

Source: Running Toward the Prize

I loved this roundup of tips for running a marathon from a great group of Running Bloggers. They all have such great perspective and tips for every runner.

How to Fuel for Your First Marathon from Runner’s World

Source: Runner's World

Source: Runner’s World

Training for a Marathon can be daunting in and of itself. To also have to train for the proper nutrition only adds another dynamic to your training. This article gives a great breakdown of fueling for different times of your marathon. Do realize every runner is different so everyone will have a different way of fueling.

Lauren Fleshman’s Freaking Awesome Abs Workout from Runner’s World
If you are a mom then you will absolutely appreciate this workout to strengthen your core after having a baby.

Do you have a favorite Ab workout or Strength Training Routine you want to share?

How do you train for a marathon?


  1. Beverly J. Brock says

    Sugar is a major hype up for anyone and sometimes too much! Go for the natural sources; you are so right Lacy!!!!

    Always good info
    Love you and love your tips!!

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