5 For Friday {My Top 5 Finds from the Week}

friday 5

Top Ten Signs You Might Be A Trail Runner from RagnarTrail.com
If you are a trail runner you will love this post. It is short, sweet and very true. I really loved #6!

MAF Test from Miss Zippy
Okay, so this is more of a group of posts not really just one. In an effort to try and become speedier this year I think MAF training may be in my future. This takes you to one of Miss Zippy’s posts on how she tackled MAF training. There are quite a few others on the right side bar that were very informative and a good source of info if you are interested in MAF training.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Running from Shut-up and Run
I have recently been following this blog and love her writing style. She is right to the point. These 7 deadly running sins I am sure have been commited by many of us. I will claim the third and seventh but try to not commit these and be a polite runner.

The 6 Secrets to Staying Healthy & Keeping the Pounds Off This Season from Cook IT Allergy Free
I am a real list kind of person so of course I loved this one too. It is not too wordy and gives you some good quick ways to stay focused on your eating habits. Although it is for the holidays most of these are good year round.

What to do After your Fall Marathon from Race Pace Jess
I just recently finished my goal fall race and although I am training for a Half in January I have drastically reduced my training so that I can recouperate after my marathon. This brief easy read article helped me to keep things in perspective and listen to what my body needs instead of pushing through a tough training schedule for my upcoming Half.

Which article did you find the most informative for you?

If you have any articles that you liked this week please share in the comments below. I love to read and see what’s out there.


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