I’m over my Pity Party Now!!

I think from Thursday of last week until yesterday I threw myself a nice little pity party. I’ve thrown it out the window now and have composed myself and will be moving on. :)
Over the past week I have had to take on the hard task of not running. So strange, you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard but when you look forward to your runs and can’t then it is really difficult. However, even though I wanted to run there was pretty much no physical way that I could have.

Thank you nasty FLU!! Fortunately today is the first day that I am feeling better. No body aches, headaches, fever etc. I am however taking this last day to assure I don’t have a relapse so to speak. I know I am not 100% quite yet.

I am a little nervous however, I have an 8 mile trail race on Saturday and I feel really unprepared now. Today is almost a whole week of no running and I know with the lack of miles and being sick I probably lost some of my fitness. Of course I have looked up all sorts of information on this and I think I will be okay. I might not be at my best but I will more than likely be able to manage 8 miles.

On to other greater issues, I am working on a Clean Eating plan. No real particular plan in general but just more of a self made out regime that will work for me. I can’t stick to those drastic plans and honestly don’t think it is necessary. Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean has given me some great places to start and this will be my first full week without being sick.

I have found some great recipes that I am really looking forward to trying. That in itself is going to be a challenge since I really hate cooking but I think I found ones that are easy and quick ┬áso I won’t be consumed with over preparation and time.

What are some recipes you’ve made that are healthy and “clean” that also taste good?

What is the longest you have taken off from running due to sickness with an upcoming race around the corner?


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    Later today I’ll be making something I call Spinach, Beans, and Rice. Comes out like a big pot of stew, never comes out the same twice, and is purely made of whole foods. Other than burning it beyond recognition, there’s basically no way to mess it up. I use slightly different ingredients or proportions every time, but basically:

    1) Sautee some garlic in a soup pot in a table spoon of olive oil. For added flavor, you can add/use butter but I like my olive oil. Also, I like a ton of garlic, so I’ll sometimes mince two full heads of it into the pot, but you can adjust to your own taste.

    2) Add in 3-4 bags of frozen spinach. You can use fresh spinach or baby spinach leaves, but that costs a lot. The recurring theme in this dish is that you can customize to your own prefs.

    3) Add in about 2 pounds of diced tomatoes. You can use cans to save time, but I like the flavor from fresh better. Also, some people dislike the skins and seeds, personally I just dice em up and throw it all in there.

    4) Add in beans. Here is the most opportunity for customization. A standard configuration I use is 1 big (40 oz???) can of dark kidney, 1 big can of light kidney, and a regular can (16 oz???) of cannelini beans. You really can’t go wrong here, I’ve used garbanzo, pinto, black, whatever beans you like, keeps it interesting.

    5) Add water to achieve a consistency you like. Usually 1.5-2.0 cups, but I really threw out the recipe and just eye it up. If you want soupy, add more, if you want more stew-like, use less, just enough to prevent burning on the bottom of the pot.

    6) Add salt and pepper to taste. Here’s another place to customize, I’ve gone through my whole spice rack randomly mixing stuff in here, this is such an easy and versatile meal to make, have fun.

    7) Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce to a low simmer for min 45 minutes, longer if you want the flavors to mature better. You could do this as a slow cooker, but mine is too small for the size batches I make.

    8) Make some rice of your choosing, best results if you add this to each bowl at serving time, prevents the rice from getting too soggy.

    • runninglimitless says

      That seems pretty easy. I think I would have to opt out of the cooked spinach and just have it as a salad. I can’t eat cooked greens of any kind for some reason.

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    I’m sure you will be just fine for Saturday. As I’m sure you found out from your research, very minimal fitness is lost within a week’s time frame. Right now it’s probably much more of a mental battle than physical, so just believe you will be okay and you will :).

    I ended up getting Norovirus my junior year of college prior to a big meet we had to travel to and was feeling pretty yucky even up until the morning of the race, but I actually ended up getting a PR by over two minutes. So you may just surprise yourself with how Saturday goes, you never know :).

    • runninglimitless says

      It definitely will be mostly mental. However, I love trails so much I am going to just try and enjoy the scenery. I would be happy with a PR though too. :)

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    So glad you are feeling better! Don’t stress about your race. The great thing about trail races is that time doesn’t really matter. It is more about just running for the love of it and the beauty of our surroundings. You’ll be back at it in no time. Looking forward to reading morea about your clean eating plan and love Lindsay. I am inconsistent right now with my eating. I’ll be really good for four days and then terrible for 2. Must. Exert. More. Will. Power. Good luck Lacy!!! xo

    • runninglimitless says

      Me too!! I really love trail races so I am definitely going to just enjoy my scenery. Lindsay is great, and she has such great information and recipes. I am usually extremely inconsistent but hoping this will get me on track. I do however, like my indulgences. I just don’t believe fully in a total strict way of eating, we all have to give in every once in a while. If I can do it, I know you can. I have a sweet tooth that goes pretty deep! :)

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    You’ll be ready; I know it! I have plenty of good clean recipes; do you want me to send some to you in an email and you can share with your friends; running and just followers?

    Love you much; pace yourself!!

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