My First Ever DNS!

So as the weekend came around I was really looking forward to running my 12k Trail Run. It has been a while since I ran a trail and haven’t raced in a while. Although I was a little nervous about going into the race after being sick and hadn’t run for over a week I came to grips with the fact this would just have to be a run I took in the scenery and didn’t “race”.

Well race morning came and went and I wasn’t at that Start Line!
I just couldn’t pull myself out of bed, I was still so extremely exhausted and weak from that insanely long flu and I knew I wasn’t going to do myself any favors by pushing myself to run. No matter what the issue was I was still extremely upset and frustrated with myself. I have never given up on a race and have to say this will hopefully be my last.

I know my body needed the rest and it was probably the best decision but no matter how I try and swing it I am still so disappointed. I haven’t quite gotten over that I didn’t run!

I really wanted to give you guys an incredible race report but that isn’t going to happen today and I will have to just suck it up and get ready for the next one, which will be another trail run!

I’m going back for the Trail Run that started it all back up for me, what got me back into running again and the one that although it was extremely difficult made me fall in love with Running again!
XTerra Harbison Half in July!!

I’m so excited and ready to get my training back in gear and hopefully PR the course.

Have you ever signed up for a Race that you didn’t make it to the Starting Line?

What did you do to come to grips with that or did it even phase you?


  1. says

    It’s ok! Try not to let is get to your head and heart too much :) stay strong and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

  2. says

    I’m so sorry to hear this Lacy. It is so rough being sick but you did the right thing to listen to your body! The important thing is to get healthy so you can keep running, not to compromise your health for a run. There will always be other races. Hope you are feeling better. xoxo

    • runninglimitless says

      There will always be other races. Hoping the next one I am all well and healthy!!
      Feeling much better too, thank you.

    • runninglimitless says

      Amanda, you are so right. It’s a hard pill to swallow but I know that if I had run I would have been much worse off.

  3. says

    Lacy you always let these everyday life things get you down. You did the right thing NOT to run after being so sick! You will get your “game” back and be better and stronger than ever because you didn’t push yourself!!

    I look forward to reading about that next run!!!

    Love you,

  4. says

    I’ve had two DNS’s. One was because my foot was still recovering and the other was because I had raced a 10,000m race the day before, did not perform well so I was completely deflated and not in the mood to race. I did regret that one as I watched everyone line up on the start line, but then I realized it’s in the past and I’m not going to be doing myself any good for future races by beating myself up over a past race. I think you made the right decision given how you were feeling. You’ll be ready for the next one! :)

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