Training Week: 4/21 – 4/27

This was an amazing week for Running! The Boston Marathon was on Monday and it was absolutely incredible. It just goes to show how strong America is and how we pull together in the wake of Tragedy!

Mid-day Run – 3 easy miles @ 8:08 pace
Turned into a little more than an easy 3 miles but felt great the whole time. I watched some of the Boston Marathon and was really motivated and inspired to get out there. I was going to go later on in the day but glad I didn’t. I just channeled Shalane Flanagan :). It was warmer than usual so I was definitely tired at the end of this run.
Splits – 8:28, 8:08, 7:48


Early Morning Run – 6.08 miles @ 9:08 pace
Core Routine
The legs felt pretty tired this morning. I ran the first 2.5 with friends then finished on my own. Other than being tired I felt good, although the last couple miles were tough. There were quite a few hills added in too.
Splits: 9:37, 9:31, 9:14, 8:43, 8:55, 8:52

Late Evening 4 x 1Mile Tempo Run – 6 miles @ 7:51 pace
This was a good and tough run. I put it off till the end of the day since I had so much going on. I almost didn’t even make it out since the kids didn’t get to bed until later, but I just got out there and did it. Once I got into the mile repeats I very heavily considered not finishing. It was humid and I was mentally asleep. After the 2nd repeat I was exhausted. My legs felt good, my body was good but I had a very difficult time breathing. I was definitely struggling in that area. Other than that I just pushed through. Once I finished the 2nd repeat I knew I could do 2 more if I just focused and did it. On the 4th mile repeat I had to take a break with .2 miles left. I couldn’t catch my breath (not because I was at a fast pace but I just couldn’t get a deep enough breath). I walked for literally 4-5 seconds before talking myself out of the little hole I was in and finishing the last .2 miles strong. The 3 minute recoveries were very slow and not sure the distance of them. I was definitely glad when this one was done.
1 mile WU @ 8:56
4 Mile Tempo Splits – 7:26, 7:21, 7:14, 7:06
1 mile CD @ 9:05

Evening Recovery Run – 3.1 miles @ 8:43 pace
I had to travel down to Edisto for a wedding I was working on Saturday so I worked all day and almost didn’t even make this run. However, it was such a beautiful day and I had nothing else to do really so I decided to enjoy the new scenery. Legs were a little stiff at first but loosened up pretty quickly. The humidity got to me a little but the breeze helped.
Splits: 9:04, 8:36, 8:27
Got to see this beautiful Sunset at the end of my run too!

Saturday & Sunday
Saturday was a work all day Wedding and travel home.
Sunday was going to be my long run but was fighting off a Migraine all day so it didn’t happen.

I didn’t get in nearly the Core and Strength Routines that I wanted nor the mileage but was happy with the Run that I did get in.

Weekly Tally – 4 runs, 18.18 miles, 1 x Core


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    Great week of training. Mile repeats are definitely not my favorite workout, but I always feel accomplished after. Good job on the negative splits!

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