Training Week: 5/5 – 5/11 (Hit a New Mental Breakthrough)

Today is such a yucky day here. Thunderstorms and Rain galore mean no run yet today. Hoping that it lets up this afternoon or evening! I don’t mind running in rain but I’ll pass on thunder plus I saw two accidents today and wasn’t very interested in being sideswiped by an un-cautious driver!

Last weeks runs were pretty good. I hit my goal times and even surpassed some of them.

Rest Day!

Early Morning Easy Run – 6 miles
This was a bit of a chore for me this morning. Not sure why but the legs were heavy and I was really glad when it was over. I ran the first 1.5 miles by myself and then the 1.5-3 with my friend. 4 on my own then 5 with friends and the last on my own. I really enjoy my runs with friends to give me sort of a mental break in the early mornings.
Splits – 9:18, 9:09, 9:24, 9:01, 9:26, 8:47

Evening 10 x .25 mile Repeats5.98 miles in 48:49
Core Routine & Foam Rolled
I was nervous as usual but took my Coach’s advice and didn’t look at my watch. I set it for Dist/Time and just did the run by feel. The first few were really tough and I almost gave up after the 4th but knew I had it in me and if I just got in 5 I would be good. Then I knew I could do the final 5. I actually had to take the recoveries a little longer on a handful to catch my breath because it was thick out there.
Running by feel was weird and I honestly didn’t think I was even close to target. However, I really surprised myself. I didn’t even allow myself to look at my times until I stretched, did some core work and foam rolled. It goes without saying that I was really spent after this run. The last 3 repeats were on a very slight decline.
1 mile WU – 8:58, Repeats with recovery in between each: 1 – 6:33 pace/1:38 time, 2 – 6:29/1:37, 3 – 6:29/1:37, 4 – 6:42/1:40, 5 – 6:20/1:34, 6 – 6:20/1:34, 7 – 6:45/1:41, 8 – 6:18/1:34,
9 – 6:18/1:34, 10 – 6:04/1:31, 1 mile CD – 8:48


Early Morning Easy Run – 4.57 miles
You know there is a problem when my mileage is not an “even” number. Legs were really sore and still tired. I also had some severe GI issues. I ended up having to stop 3x and then couldn’t finish the run I wanted. I was really bummed out over this run but just swallowed that pill and moved on!

Afternoon Long Run – 10 miles @ 8:27 pace (last 2 up tempo)
We were in St. Simons for vacation so this was a really nice run to see different scenery. I did stop a few times really breifly to take some pictures (I just couldn’t resist). I also drank water all day at the beach up until I left so had to make 2 stops to use the bathroom really quickly. I was really happy with this run and tried to run as much by feel as I could. I glanced down only a couple times each mile just to make sure I wasn’t over doing it. During the last 2 miles I also kept an eye on it to make sure I was under the 8 minute mark. This was a really difficult part of the run for me. I had to make a stop in between the two miles to catch my breath because it was really humid but it was only for a brief moment.
Splits – 8:43, 8:37, 8:36, 8:49, 8:51, 8:35, 8:42, 8:39, 7:39, 7:15
I am a sucker for old trees and historic places. The “Avenue of the Oaks” on St. Simon’s Island, GA is absolutely beautiful and I almost didn’t want to leave.
Another Historic site – Ruins of Retreat Hospital, more than 150 years old. It was built of tabby which is a mixture of oyster shells, lime, sand and water. I’m a total architecture and history nerd!!
This is the main Golf Course building but would love to live in a house this beautiful!
Ended my Run in the little village along the pier and got to see the lighthouse. I would have loved to climb to the top but was super nervous about taking the kids up that high. I believe it was 100′ tall!


Weekly Tally – 4 runs
27 miles, 1 x Core, 1 x Foam Roll

This was a great week for me mentally! I realized even though I was scared for some of these times that I could actually do it and that definitely boosted my confidence in the moment. I have however come to the realization that if I don’t get my nutrition in check I will have a problem. Working on that this week thanks to Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean! Will have more on that next week!

How have you surprised yourself in doing something you were nervous about?

What does your daily nutrition look like?


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    Great .25 mile repeats, Lacy! You were moving on those! I love old architecture. That was one of my favorite parts when we traveled to cross country and track meets in college- visiting all these campuses with amazing architecture.

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